Camping Paradis Le Moulin des Oies offers a wide range of activities to make your summer holiday unforgettable. Spend each day with friends, taking part in aquagym and various sporting events, while discovering the captivating local environment through treasure hunts, cookery workshops and much more! End each evening together over an outdoor aperitif game followed by the Fiesta Boom-Boom – an event you won’t want to miss.

Signature moments

Neighbours' Day

The fun-filled Neighbours’ Day is a great opportunity to socialise and get to know other holidaymakers. Join in the fun by taking part in their quiz, where your knowledge will be tested and new friendships can blossom!

The Paradise Show ...

Experience an immersive evening of delightful entertainment with your entertainment team as they take to the stage and bring joy to all ages. Enjoy a delectable mix of café-theatre, vibrant dancing, melodious songs and humorous sketches – an event not to be missed!

... and other moments

Let the festivities of your wildest dreams come to life! Explore a realm filled with dazzling lights, music and dance – you may find yourself immersed in a fairytale or thrust into an epic battle between angels and demons. Welcome to Studio Paradise, where every night is unique and electrifying. Theme nights, mini discos and dance parties await you!

Concert Chris Anderson

Entertainment for children

At Camping Paradis Le Moulin des Oies, children are sure to have a great time! Our Mini-Club offers age-appropriate activities designed to entertain and socialise. It’s the perfect way for them to make memories with new friends!

Aire de jeux Camping Paradis Le Moulin des Oies

Children's Mini Club

During the summer holidays, children can enjoy a number of fun and engaging activities at Paradis Moulin des Oies campsite. From creative treasure hunts to sports tournaments suitable for children aged 6 to 11; there’s something on offer to capture their hearts! Our Mini Club is renowned for its happy atmosphere where new friendships are quickly made while creating memories that will last a lifetime – get ready now that your little ones are in paradise!

Piki: The Mascot at Camping Paradis Moulin des Oies

Your children will enjoy Camping Paradis Moulin des OIes with a feathered friend – Piki! This mischievous character with bright yellow feathers is ready to join in with the games, dances and activities. Children (and adults!) can enjoy making memories alongside this fun-loving mascot.

Mini Disco at the Paradis Le Moulin des Oies campsite

Give your kids the stage they deserve and join them for their night of glory at Mini Disco Paradis! Piki will be on hand to make sure every move is perfect, so watch these mini-stars dance for 30 minutes under a canopy of stars. Show your support by clapping – you won’t regret it!

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Paradise for the stars

This summer, Camping Paradis le Moulin des Oies is offering you a unique opportunity to make your holiday even more special with Paradis des Stars.

With over 25 celebrities from the world of reality TV, music and theatre performing exclusively at campsites across France on 320 dates, you won’t be the only one basking in paradise!
Get ready to meet these stars at autograph sessions or, better still, when they take to the stage to add a little sparkle.

The Paradis des Stars artists at Camping Paradis Moulin des Oies

Admired and respected for his unrivalled innovations in the world of advertising, Chris Anderson is considered one of today’s greatest minds. This summer, at Camping Paradis Moulin des Oies, during the Paradis des Stars tour, visitors will be able to witness captivating performances by a variety of creative geniuses!

Learn from one of Europe’s greatest dancers, Maxime Dereymez, who will impress you with his graceful movements on every stage.

From French soul artist Gage, who will enchant audiences with his unparalleled world of sound, to multi-talented musician Ahmed Mouici, who will play Ramses in the musical The 10 Commandments, to talented artist Ginie Line, who will sing her exuberant songs, topped off by Leona Winter, who will present dazzling transformations that promise an unforgettable show. Join these extraordinary artists this year for a unique experience at Camping Paradis Moulin des Oies in Southern Brittany!

Léona Winter

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