Discover Morbihan and the Etel ria

Une petite mer intérieure à découvrir ...

Découvrez Etel et sa barre, Belz et l’île de Saint-Cado, Locoal-Mendon où la terre, l'eau et le ciel se confondent. A Erdeven, les dunes, les menhirs, dolmens et cromlechs, voisinent avec calvaires et chapelles. A Belz, le Pont Lorois relie le pays de Lorient au pays d'Auray, et mène aux grandes stations touristiques de Bretagne sud.

Local markets

Marchés Morbihan

Discover the region through the products of our local farmers and producers, and meet them at the markets.

As we all know, going to the markets on holiday is a must. Getting up in the morning and discovering the country with its stalls and products has a very special charm. And because we’re here to help you have the best possible holiday, we’ve put together a list of the markets in the area.

Parfait pour découvrir les spécialités locales !

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The islands

The island of Saint-Cado

Less well known than the Gulf of Morbihan, the Ria d'Etel, south of Lorient, is just as beautiful.

It's a miniature sea, an arm of the sea that has carved out a setting of clear waters inland where small islands dotted with chapels and fountains abound. The most secret of the Morbihan's "little seas" is bottle-shaped, narrow at its mouth and widening downstream.

It is not easily conquered as a nasty bar blocks access to its harbour. Made up of huge sandbars moving under the pressure of opposing currents, the bar is constantly moving! Its dangerous eddies are a sailor's nightmare. It is from the top of the dunes of "La falaise" that you can best observe the astonishing spectacle of the waves raised by this man-eater. As well as its long beaches, the ria harbours a rare gem in its midst: the islet of Saint-Cado. An island love linked to the mainland by a stone bridge ...

Île de Saint-Cado

The Ponant Islands

Off the Quiberon peninsula Belle-Île-en-mer is the largest of the Ponant islands, with sumptuous landscapes: deep coves bathed in turquoise water, vast beaches of fine golden sand, jagged cliffs... The high cliffs of the island of Houat rise up off the coast of Quiberon, where nature reigns supreme. On Hoëdic, the smallest island, everyone knows everyone else and the welcome is spontaneous. The many fine sandy coves invite you to linger a while...

Breton towns

Villes de Vannes

Vannes, a city of art and history

Sheltered behind its medieval ramparts and fortified towers, the town of Vannes offers visitors some magnificent architectural surprises: pretty cobbled streets leading to Saint Pierre's cathedral, timber-framed houses, French-style gardens, old wash-houses, private mansions... And to top it all off, there's a pretty marina in the heart of the town centre. Every year, for 3 days in July, enjoy the Fêtes Historiques: immerse yourself in a medieval atmosphere in the heart of a town full of character. On the programme: falconry shows, artillery demonstrations, medieval cuisine.... With its warm, festive atmosphere, Vannes is sure to appeal to young and old alike!

Côte sauvage Quiberon

Quiberon, the ideal destination for sea and nature lovers

During your stay at Camping Paradis Moulin des Oies in Belz, discover Quiberon and its wild nature! On the programme: miles of wild coastline, numerous sandy beaches, two harbours, a multitude of water sports activities, numerous hiking trails, cruises off the islands of Belle-île-en-Mer, Houat and Hoedic and, above all, breathtaking scenery! In summer, take the Corkscrew to the Quiberon peninsula! Forget the traffic jams and take advantage of a train like no other, which will take you from Ploemel all the way to the peninsula!


Discover the town of Carnac, its megalithic site, thalassotherapy, casino and sandy beaches

Carnac is undoubtedly famous for its alignments! There are almost 4,000 standing stones, erected between 5,000 and 2,000 BC and stretching for more than 4 kilometres. As well as its megalithic appeal, Carnac is also a gentle, pleasant seaside resort, an ideal family destination. Lovers of sand, sun and swimming will be delighted by Carnac's large beach and the beach at St Colomban. For nature lovers, there's also plenty to do: the resort's natural heritage offers rich and varied countryside, forests and moorland landscapes.

la trinité sur mer

A destination not to be missed, La Trinité-sur-Mer

La Trinité sur Mer has gone from being a fishing and trading port to a world-famous yachting harbour. Nestling on the slopes of the ria de Crac'h, La Trinité is the ideal starting point for discovering the bay and its islands, offering both the charm of an authentic South Brittany village and the tranquillity of a family seaside resort.


Lorient, the Interceltic Festival, but not just that!

Well-known for its Interceltic Festival, the Lorient region has many other lovely surprises for you to discover: the Haras d'Hennebont stud farm, the fine sandy coasts from Guidel to Larmor-Plage, the island of Groix and the little sea of Gâvres. Lorient is just thirty minutes from the campsite!

le bono

Le Bono, a peaceful little village near Auray

Located just a stone's throw from the town of Auray, the small village of Le Bono and its authentic harbour are a real treat for those who love the picturesque. Its famous wooden suspension bridge offers visitors a superb view of the river. There are also a number of footpaths for nature lovers!

sainte anne d'auray

Sainte-Anne d'Auray, in a natural setting conducive to meditation

The great pardon of Sainte Anne, in July, is a rendezvous full of fervour. Sainte Anne d'Auray will give you the tranquillity and curiosity you need for a successful stay... Plumergat's 11 churches and chapels bear witness to its Christian past. Pluneret reveals its charms only to the attentive walker: banks of the Sal, banks of the Loch, meadows, woods, moorland and sunken lanes.

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